Wednesday, July 27, 2016

july 26-31 | salt-water moon | eleanor felton

Quick! Get your tickets to, SALT-WATER MOON by David French running on the PT stage from July 26-31. Up-and-coming director and past PT apprentice, Eleanor Felton is back with her take on the highly anticipated quirky, love story. Felton is no stranger to the PT stage and was listed on Vancouver Presents as a, "Vancouver artist to keep an eye on". Her past PT credits include, A GOOD MOTHER (director), SUBWAY STATIONS OF THE CROSS (stage manager), THE RAINMAKER (assistant director). Here's what Felton had to say about SALT-WATER MOON:

What do you love most about David French’s, SALT-WATER MOON?
I love the simplicity of this story, the humour, the playfulness. And I love that this play exists in the pull between the past and the future. This play exists immediately in the turning point of Jacob and Mary's lives and it is a beautiful thing to watch them try to sort out what they want and why.

What do you hope audiences will take away from this play?
When we hear that something is a love story, we all want to believe it, but we think we should be smarter than that. We are skeptical of love - we are cynical, especially of young love. SALT-WATER MOON is a simple love story which gently asks us to fight for love for 90 minutes.
I hope that it will inspire our audience to hope and fight for the future, and to leave the past in the past.

Why do you think this play is suitable for the PT stage?
This show opens up the conversation about practicality and feeling - it asks us to examine what is real and what is not. What is superstition, and what is science. This is especially relevant to the PT stage as we try to understand the role of faith in a world of fact. Will you let the facts of the past hold you back from believing in the possibilities of the future?

Director's notes:
I have been thinking about this play for 6 years now and I am thrilled to be doing it at my favourite theatre!

Phil Miguel is designing all the visual elements (set, costumes, props, lights) and he is bringing just the right amount of magic and sense to the production. The multi-talented Julie is collaborating with Molly McKinnon to underscore the show with sea chantys and folk songs on the violin. By the time everything is together in one room we will have a show which rests between the myths of the constellations and the certainty of a fishing boat, tugging between the foundations of the past and the mystery of the future.

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