Friday, August 19, 2016

16-17 staff picks | kayla heselwood

Up next in our staff picks series is our new Box Office and Marketing Assistant, Kayla Heselwood. Here's Kayla's top three shows she is most excited for!

During my apprentice year I had the honour of sitting in on one of the Working With groups where actors read Cara's play, A GOOD WAY OUT. I was completely blown away. The characters were genuine, raw and real and the story tugged at my heart strings. I am excited to see how the play has been developed over the past year and a half. Also, I get to sit beside the playwright over the next 11 months. How cool is that?

I am very close to a family that moved to Canada from South Africa. I love listening to them speak Afrikaans and was excited while reading VALLEY SONG to learn they spoke some Afrikaans too! The piece is also poetic, tender and hopeful. My cup of tea!

One of my favourite moments at Pacific Theatre was when I was in the audience watching CHRISTMAS PRESENCE and the entire audience starting singing to a familiar song. I looked around and thought, "Wow! Now this is what life is all about. A group of strangers coming together to enjoy an evening of music, poetry and readings and celebrating the life of our saviour through various works of art". I'm excited for TESTAMENT because it's similar to CHRISTMAS PRESENCE, but without Christmas. Also, we get to explore and celebrate the life of Jesus together during Passion Week. Finally, because there's no script and anything can happen! I just love live theatre, don't you? 

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