Monday, August 29, 2016

meet the apprentices | lindsay curl

Our apprentices are sought-after in the industry as actors, writers, directors, stage managers, technical directors, administrators, and producers, many of them going on to lifelong professional careers in the arts. Our final apprentice we would like you to meet is, Lindsay Curl!

About Lindsay:

Lindsay is a graduate of the UVic Acting Specialization program. Past credits include PET THE FISH AND OTHER IMPOSSIBLE TALES (Chemainus Theatre Festival), THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (United Players), THE DAUGHTER OF TURPENTINE (Hairpin Curves, Victoria Fringe Festival) and LION IN THE STREETS (Phoenix Theatre). She would like to thank her family and friends for all of their love and support.

What were you doing before the apprenticeship?

I worked at the Chemainus Theatre Festival this summer! I played Josephine in the KidzPlay production PET THE FISH AND OTHER IMPOSSIBLE TALES by Mark DuMez.

What are your favourite shows you've worked on so far?

In August 2015, I played Pin in Hairpin Curves’ production of THE DAUGHTER OF TURPENTINE at the Victoria Fringe Festival where I was nominated for best actress. The role was very challenging and that made the opportunity incredibly exciting! There is a stark contrast between light and dark throughout the play and Pin has an immense breadth of emotions. This role required me to dig down deep to my emotional core and make a strong emotional commitment to the character throughout the rehearsal process and at every show. I love how the play exhibits both healthy and unhealthy perspectives of love. I admire how hard Pin loves and I was inspired by her bravery. Throughout the play, she takes each day step by step and continues striving for happiness, freedom and love in the face of adversity.

I absolutely loved playing Josephine in PET THE FISH AND OTHER IMPOSSIBLE TALES by Mark DuMez at the Chemainus Theatre Festival. I was inspired by Josephine’s incredible imagination and courage. I am very passionate about Theatre for Young Audiences as I believe theatre has the power to stimulate imaginations and encourage creativity, as well as inspire new thinking and discussion.

What is your non-theatrical specialty?

My non-theatrical speciality is being an auntie! I have a two year old niece named Kenlee and I love spending time with her. We love to read, swim, watch PAW Patrol and go on walks to the park!

What is the number one thing you are excited about doing during your apprenticeship?

The number one thing I am excited about doing during my apprenticeship is hopefully shadowing a professional actor and/or having the opportunity to act in a Mainstage production. I believe there is lots to be learned during rehearsals and throughout the run of a show.

Where did you train in theatre?

I graduated from the University of Victoria Acting Specialization program in 2015.

What was your favourite part of your training?

My favourite part of my training at UVic was getting to know my fellow classmates and certain professors very well! They were very inspiring, encouraging, loving and helped me grow as both an actor and a person.

Is there anything coming up in the apprenticeship that will be totally new to you?

I think the administrative and production areas of this apprenticeship will offer many new opportunities! I have worked as a Front of House Manager at Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre in Victoria, but I have not worked in a box office before and I am excited to do so!

What would your top three categories in Trivial Pursuit be? (Invented or real)

Entertainment, Arts & Literature and Sports & Leisure!

If you received $1 000 000 and couldn’t keep it for yourself, what would you do with it?

First, I would put a portion of that money into a university fund for my niece! Then, I would make donations to theatres and arts programs throughout British Columbia.

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