Tuesday, September 27, 2016

a good way out | responses

“ Corina Akeson has a tough role as Joey’s sister who hopes to bring her brother back into the Christian fold. It’s a nicely nuanced performance that steers clear of preachiness although it could easily go that way... Terrific performances every one and a haunting production of an unsettling new play. Developed by Pacific Theatre, A Good Way Out doesn’t show us or Joey a good way out but it definitely illustrates how one dysfunctional family leads the desperate and vulnerable to seek refuge in another, even more destructive one.” | Jo Ledingham

“And, under Anthony F. Ingram’s direction, the performances in this production are strong. It’s a particular pleasure to watch Carl Kennedy (Joey) playing scenes with Corina Akeson (Lynette); both are such honest, responsive actors.” | Colin Thomas

"This is as good as dramatic theatre gets! Don’t expect to come away with a song in your heart and a lightness in your steps. Plan on feeling every wrenching emotion you can imagine. This is reality for real people." | Linda (audience response)

“…if you like theatre to be gritty and hard-hitting – this might be for you.”
“The play’s narrative, offers a believable insight into the ruthless business of organised crime, showing us that not everyone involved benefits from the proceeds.” | John Lane

A Good Way Out is a story about choices. In life, we all have them and sometimes we make bad choices. It’s a reminder that no matter how hard life can be, if we just take a look around there may just be a better way, a better choice. And if not, we need to look for it, before we end up making a bad one.” | Fun! Fun! Vancouver

“If it wasn’t for the fact Cara Norrish’s A Good Way Out is based on real-life events, it would be easy to dismiss as another privileged view into a world most of us have little knowledge. What she gives us though, in this world premiere at Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre, is a raw exploration of gang life that is at times as surprising as it is brutal...Leading the way is an absolutely transformed Andrew Wheeler. Tattoos on his neck and arms, in his Harley vest and bandana, Wheeler is virtually unrecognizable…his hold on the people around him is believable, and sometimes downright frightening... A Good Way Out is an unflinching view into gang life. It is buoyed by a great cast and writing that is as at times as surprising as it is real…convincing audiences to take a chance on unfamiliar work can be tough. You should take this chance.” | Mark Robins (Vancouver Presents)

"Very well acted and very intense. I feel all the actors were bang on with their characters that they were playing. Bravo to all of them. Would see it again and recommmend this play. For sure." | Lorna and Michael Albanese (audience response)

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MarlinMcT said...

Really enjoyed the matinee this afternoon. The actors did a great job with their (edgy) characters and the intimacy of the small theatre was astonishing to me... you were .... there's no bad seats!