Wednesday, September 14, 2016

to sep 18 | and bella sang with us

There are only two performances left with available tickets, but just in case you plan to be Fringe-ing on Friday or Saturday, Soul Food readers might want to consider AND BELLA SANG WITH US.  It's at the Cultch: Fri Sep 16 @ 5:15, Sat Sep 17 @ 2:45.

I've been in touch with playwright Sally Stubbs, who filled me in on some of the background of her play...

"I thought you might find this production interesting for Pacific Theatre, because God and Christian works are at the root of the beliefs and actions of one of the two central characters. The Women's Group of the Central Mission Rescue and Protective Society were behind the 1912 hiring of Vancouver's first women police officers to deal with the 'female morality issue’. It's an important element of the conflict between the two central characters.”

And what do you know, it's also packed with people from the PT stage - Sarah Rodgers, Sarah Louise Turner, Sarah May Redmond, and Simon Webb (who's considering changing his name to Sarah).

Check here for a rundown of other Fringe shows featuring PT-associated artists. And by the way, those earliest women police officers didn't wear uniforms. But I found that image online, and I thought it was cool.

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