Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oct 29, Nov 4, 5 | in the flesh | apprentice project

This Saturday, October 29th @ 10 pm (after SUITCASE STORIES), apprentice Paige Louter will be performing her one woman show, IN THE FLESH.

by Paige Louter
Oct 29th, Nov 3-5 @ 10 pm

A one-woman show about learning to be an actor, In the Flesh blends stand-up comedy, performance art, and feminist theatre to create something only slightly less awkward than that one picture of fourteen-year-old you. This show investigates what happens when an actor specifically invites an audience’s gaze, the peculiarities of elbows, and whether Paige is capable of spinning in a circle without falling over.

Featuring Paige Louter
Running time: 30 mins
Tickets: pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth after the show (cash only)

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