Thursday, October 20, 2016

suitcase stories | the creative team | colleen lanki

Colleen Lanki has been directing, choreographing and performing internationally for over two decades. Colleen is currently the Artist Director of TomoeArts, a company that explores traditional Japanese arts and creates works of total theatre. She is also pursuing her PhD at UBC. We are thrilled to have Colleen directing SUITCASE STORIES, by Maki Yi. Welcome to the team, Colleen!

What are some interesting facts about you?

I do Japanese classical dance and my professional name is Fujima Sayƫ.

Why are you excited to work on SUITCASE STORIES?

This is a story from the heart of a strong, slightly crazy woman and we need more stories like this! Suitcase Stories also sheds a light on the madness that is Canadian immigration… And Maki is fabulous!!!!!

Recent Theatre Credits & Awards: 

WEAVER WOMAN (choreographer and performer), English language premiere of THREAD HELL (Guest Artist, University of Hawaii), and Mary Zimmerman’s ARGONAUTIKA.

Favourite Theatre Credits:

All the physical ensemble pieces I have helped create over the past 10+ years in Japan and Canada. I am also moving into opera: SHADOW CATCH (Chamber Opera) - and currently working on the creation of a new chamber opera combining Japanese noh with classical music.

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