Saturday, November 26, 2016

dec 7 | loren wilkinson documentary | making peace with creation

Loren Wilkinson has long been a mentor and friend to me. He arrived at Regent just as I began to contemplate returning to a life in the theatre. He invited me into a writers group that first got me thinking of myself as, maybe someday, a writer. Together we taught several Regent Summer School courses at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, some of the richest and most glorious weeks of my life. In the first half decade of Pacific Theatre's life, Loren contributed to various Pacific Theatre shows, including "The Lonely Birch," "Dreams Of Kings & Carpenters" and "First Christmas." I spent many very happy days this summer writing notes on Loren's poems for "Imago Mundi: The Poems of Loren Wilkinson," which we hope to have in print slightly before Christmas this year. And concurrent with the poetry project, another friend, Iwan Russell-Jones, has been creating a documentary about Loren, which premiered at Regent College Wednesday, December 7 at 7pm. Join me there.

Premiere: Making Peace With Creation
Wed Dec 7 @ 7pm
Regent College

Poet and theologian Loren Wilkinson has spent his life thinking, teaching, and campaigning about the environment—or creation, as he prefers to call it. In an era that has seen growing concern about climate change and the impact of industry and technology, Professor Wilkinson has insisted that this is a critical sphere for Christian thought and action. From their home on Galiano Island off the coast of British Columbia, he and his wife, Mary-Ruth Wilkinson, have encouraged generations of students to think long and hard about the meaning of creation and of our responsibility as creatures within it.

What can be done to address the enormous issues facing our fragile and threatened planet?
Is it possible to live confidently and creatively in the face of massive problems such as pollution and the acidification of the oceans?
What hope is there of making peace with creation?
In this hour-long film, made with the assistance of a team of students from Regent College, Loren Wilkinson goes in search of answers to these pressing questions. Through personal reflections (set both in the beautiful Gulf Islands where he lives and in the urban context of Vancouver, where he continues to teach), stimulating conversations with leading thinkers, artists and activists, and specially created art work, together with extracts from his poetry, Loren Wilkinson presents his own compelling and beautiful vision for human life in the 21st century.

Cost: $10/person, $5 for students

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