Wednesday, November 16, 2016

holy mo! a christmas show! | costume design

Take a look at the beautiful costume renderings for HOLY MO! A CHRISTMAS SHOW!, designed by the talented Amy McDougall.

"Upon reading this play, I was struck by sense of history and weightiness contained in this fun, irreverent show. Lucia Frangione's text calls to mind the long and rich history of circus and vaudeville performance, as well as the ritual of retelling the nativity story through community pageants. Both these traditions incorporate elaborate costumes, which has provided me with a rich visual language to help tell the story of Holy Mo, a story that is both contemporary and timeless at the same time. I've used lots of bright colour, strong silhouettes and bright embellishments to match the energy that the cast brings to their performance. It's been a lot of fun taking classic images and tropes and transforming and modernizing them to suit the tone of Holy Mo".

-Amy McDougall, Costume Designer

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