Thursday, November 03, 2016

suitcase stories | responses

"Sometimes, when you see a show, you know that an artist is offering you a personal gift... I’m glad that we have this artist among us." - Colin Thomas

"Yi spends an hour and 40 minutes non-stop, no intermission, on the stage transfixing the audience with her tale of immigrating to Canada from Korea. That is downright impressive." - Alan Woo, Fun! Fun! Vancouver

"Yi’s writing is beautifully crafted as she details her numerous cultural collisions, and she is a lively and engaging storyteller with many moods: ebullient when she discovers acting, scandalized when she sees a couple making out at the Greyhound station, depressed when her application for immigration is refused. Under Colleen Lanki’s direction, a few simple flourishes add theatricality to the minimalist staging, which capitalizes on Pacific Theatre’s unique space." - Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

"Maki’s emotive performance is both creative and animated. She is able to transform the stage and generate images with chalk and ribbon. These images enhance her chronicle of life in a foreign land and underscore milestones with an endearing touch of levity." - Marian Wagner, My Van City

"Brimming with universally relevant themes for today’s world, Suitcase Stories is a creative and winsome invitation into the particular resilience of one woman’s journey." - Meredith Cochran, Regent Et Cetera

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