Tuesday, May 16, 2017

outside mullingar | set design | carolyn rapanos

Set designer, Carolyn Rapanos, shares her thoughts on the upcoming production of OUTSIDE MULLINGAR, opening this Friday!

I love Outside Mullingar's sense of place in beautiful, rural Ireland, but it also presents quite a challenge! The play is set in two cottages as well as outside, with descriptions of the fields and changing sky. To accommodate this, we split the stage with the interior on one side and the exterior on the other. In the interior space, we focused on creating a neutral setting with iconic architectural elements that provide a strong sense of place and time but not necessarily a lot of specific personality. This allows us to play with how the interior is inhabited and filled. The exterior space is grounded with another architectural element, a barn wall, that transforms into a variety of sky looks under different lighting conditions - from a starry night, to a stormy evening, to a sunny day.

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