Wednesday, September 06, 2017

the christians | meet the cast

Meet the cast of THE CHRISTIANS! With a cast of almost entirely new faces to the PT stage, this play is particularly meaningful to us, as we couldn't be more excited to introduce you all to this incredible team of actors. To get things started, we asked them all why they were looking forward to this play.

Ron Reed: "It's breathtaking, dramatic, affecting... whatever you go into the show thinking, you'll think again."

Allan Morgan: "The opportunity to work on a piece that examines spirituality, religion and dogma in a human and real way, as well as an opportunity to work with Ron Reed."

Mariam Berry: "I'm thrilled to be exploring a text which centers faith as a driving force that both connects and divides."

Tré Cotten: "I'm thrilled about this show because it is not just a play about religion. It explores two different vantage points and it will leave the audience thinking."

Erin Ormond: "Lucas Hnath invites us into discussion within ourselves and with others who are in our inner and outer circle."

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