Wednesday, September 27, 2017

the christians | the set

THE CHRISTIANS takes place in an enormous megachurch, with a congregation of thousands. Re-creating the feel of a vast space in our intimate alley theatre - and reflecting the themes of schism and tension in the play - was an exciting challenge for set designer Stancil Campbell.

Designer Stancil Campbell outlines his vision for the set.

"The scenery tells the story of The Christians through imagery," says Campbell.

"The inspired stained window at centre symbolizes both the tongues of fire at Pentecost and the fires of Hell. These two fires fracture Paul's church and each splinter group clings to their own version of God and Scripture -- which of two Crucifixes will each person follow? Just as the small boy burns to death in the literal fire, Pastor Paul heads toward his own end by following that burning "fire of the Holy Spirit" that consumes him. Paul is that boy!"

The hand-painted mandala reflects both the
fires of the Pentecost and the sparks of Hell.

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