Tuesday, September 26, 2017

the christians | responses

"An amazing and thoughtful expression of the dilemma of what differing beliefs and opinions can do to the unity of a church – or any organization. To agree to disagree and still stay united is not easy, but necessary. The depiction of the human struggle with this was brilliant." | Mae Runions, Audience Response

"The performances are superb. Pastor Paul is clearly troubled and Ron Reed projects the character’s turmoil, even his uncertainty about his own motives. Why did he wait until the mortgage was paid to advise the congregation about his change of heart? Does he really believe it when he says, “God had not yet told me to give that sermon”? This is a deeply conflicted man and Reed moves inexorably from Paul’s initial certainty to miserable uncertainty. If there’s a Hell, he’s in it." | Jo Ledingham

What To Watch - One of eight new productions across Canada recommended in the Globe & Mail's fall theatre preview

"GO SEE THIS PLAY: It made my stomach hurt, it was so good. I had to keep reminding myself it was on stage--not least because it brought back all the very human pain invoked by the schism in my own beloved church a few years ago. Yet it is anything but didactic, and takes some surprising, extraordinarily human turns. Excellent theatre by any measure." Karen Cooper, audience member

"The main thrust of The Christians is about what happens when our fundamental beliefs are challenged. What price are we willing to pay for those beliefs?" | Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"The church setting animates director Sarah Rodgers’s production. The opening moments are exuberance itself: a 15-person choir sings and sways to some rousing hymns, and congregants hang on Pastor Paul’s sermon and its slick visual projections." | Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

"Unbelievable intimacy and theatre. Yes I felt like the very fault in society today was being plumbed, the challenge of conservatives and liberals, whigs and tories, republican and democrat, change or no change, truth or untruth. The whole dance of the present was happening there before us in the words and acting on stage. I loved Lucas Hnath’s writing as it touched the soul of church and society today." | William Hay, Audience Member and Blogger

"Ron Reed as the pastor in the eye of the storm delivers a nuanced performance... Allan Morgan’s immense talent was under-used as a church elder. Tre Cotton is certainly convincing as the charismatic Pastor Joshua." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

“Truly magnificent! One of the top five PT shows ever.” Peter Schuler, subscriber since 1997

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