Tuesday, April 03, 2018

bar mitzvah boy | responses

"It’s always a treat to see a brand-new play. This one is a gentle, bittersweet comedy that’s both charming and undemanding — a perfect date show, regardless of your faith.” | Darren Barefoot, The Georgia Straight

"The chemistry between the two actors is palpable. The audience is led through a witty pas de deux, and both teacher and student experience personal metamorphoses through their weekly interactions." | Tova Kornfeld, The Jewish Independent

"Gina Chiarelli is so thoroughly, subtly present and emotionally honest that I defy you not to be moved by her work as Michael. All of that and comic timing too. Playing Joey, Richard Newman matches Chiarelli step for step. He sings beautifully and, metaphorically, this production is a well-executed duet between the two actors." | Colin Thomas

A two-handed tour de force.” | Lincoln Kaye, The Vancouver Observer

"Newman’s portrayal of Joey is a wonderful transformation … Chiarelli is utterly believable as a spiritual leader." | Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

"[Chiarelli’s] chemistry with Richard Newman is endearing and often hilarious. Hilarious and heartwarming.” | Jessica Kim, UBC Players Club

"Thought-provoking, uplifting and entertaining. Mazel Tov!" | John Jane, reviewvancouver

Time flies by in this one-act.” | Judy Robb, My Van City


"A great show - humour, warmth, honest...and outstanding performances. Catch it if you can!" | Ken H.

"My husband and I loved Bar Mitzvah Boy. The acting was superb–Joey and the Rabbi’s characters were so real, tender, sad and funny. The set was ingenious and held the storyline well. The play was beautifully written and continued delivering insights long after it was over. The script was poetic and artfully paced, constantly contrasting opposites and switching them around. I can’t explain exactly without spoilers. You just have to see it yourself." | Esther H.

"This was a fantastic show. I was terribly moved in some parts. My husband and I liked it so much we are going to go again this Saturday. This theatre puts on the best shows!" | Elaine Breaks

"I highly recommend this play. It was so moving, funny and full of all that makes us human in relation to G-D. I left the theater saying 'wow, just wow'. There was seemed to be a real connection between the actors, which made the play even better. Thank you." | Jan R

"Loved Bar Mitzvah Boy! Wonderful acting and a superb story with enough ambiguity and unexpected turns to keep us guessing from start to finish. Joyful laughs with some surprise tears. Thank you for a remarkable performance. Beautiful." | Lorri Romhanyi

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mamaconnie said...

I continue to be surprised and delighted by the shows at PT. They are always thoughtful and well staged. So true of "The Bar Mitzvah Boy", and so exciting to see a new play by a local playwright! I appreciated the effort that was made to keep the Jewish details of the play accurate - they rang true. It sounds trite to say, but it's true - I laughed, I cried. I was moved. Todah rabah, PT.