Wednesday, December 18, 2019

dec 15 | christmas presence | set list

act one

nelson and the boschmen | christmas jazz
farrar capon |  advent
katie | light of the stable (alleluia)
anon | christmas wreath
spencer | polka
nicholson | shadowlands
zaac | maybe this christmas
shaw | christ in you, the hope of glory
kira & katie | wexford carol
graves | god's christmas party
nelson | christmas time is here
mason | myles
zaac | oh what night
holland | 25th of december
jon | magic

act two

nelson | christmas jazz
sedaris | front row centre with thaddeus bristol
spencer | wassailing
boychuk | jesus freak
nelson | o come, come emmanuel
rosen | no safe place
katie | pilgrim
garber | always winter
jon | christmas town
blase | a little christmas now
kira & katie | golden cradle
stevenson | a christmas prayer
zaac - finding christmas

singers and musicians
nelson boschman
katie green
kira fondse
zaac pick
jon ochsendorf
pencer capier | stringed things
rick colhoun | drums
becca birkner | bass
chris hawley | additional keyboards

kaitlin williams, ian farthing, nicola shannon

links to some of the readings can be found here

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