Monday, December 23, 2019

dec 21 | christmas presence in the valley | set list

act one

carolyn | christmas must be tonight
dilliard | feast days
michael | wexford carol
anon | ukrainian grandma
spencer | polka
holland | dark, then light
jon | christmas town
mason | the real santa
spencer | hector the hero
oliver | christmas poem
carolyn | holy night
colhoun | creche
michael | little drummer boy
anon | blessing for travelling in the dark
garth | go tell it on the mountain

act two

donahue | no room at the inn
jon | magic
lewis | lion, witch and the wardrobe
garth | god rest ye merry gentlemen
anon | ukrainian grandma part two
carolyn - is bethlehem too far away
mason | miles
michael | make it christmas day
l'engle | tree at christmas
garth | christmas song (alleluia)
buechner | don't be afraid, mary
jon | mary take your child
shaw | mary considers her situation
klug | joseph's lullaby
carolyn | do not be afraid
anon | christmas prayer

singers and musicians
michael hart
jon ochsendorf
garth bowen
spencer capier | stringed things
chris hawley | keyboards

kaitlin williams, erla faye forsyth, ken hildebrandt, phil miguel

links to some of the readings can be found here

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