Friday, August 21, 2015

15-16 artwork spotlight | common grace

Today's artwork spotlight is COMMON GRACE.  We couldn't be more excited about this play: not only is it the first fully-produced mainstage production to come out of our Working With playwriting program, but playwright Shauna Johannesen is a newly-minted Leo Award winner for her film BED BUGS: A MUSICAL LOVE STORY.  Plus, check out this artwork by Emily Cooper!

For this one we gave Emily a lot to deal with: we wanted the image to clearly reflect a kitchen, family, and a traditional aesthetic while hinting at secrets, rebellion, and a bit of sass.  She came at us with a whole host of options and the last one she showed was this concept of items on the shelves.  We loved it!  It is clean, sharp, contemporary, and sophisticated, while clearly communicating the family kitchen feel.

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