Friday, April 04, 2008

Georgia Straight Announces THE WOODSMAN is "Pick of the Week"

The Woodsman

You might never know it from all the hatred being spewed in the name of God these days, but at its best, Christianity—like theatre—is about compassion. And compassion can be extremely difficult to muster. By producing Steven Fechter’s The Woodsman, Pacific Theatre, which is a Christian company, is asking us what it might be like to be a pedophile. Dirk van stralen plays Walter, a quiet guy who has served his time and is back in the community—but the only place he can find to rent is across from a school, and his demons won’t let him be. The show runs from April 4 to 26 at Pacific Theatre and there will be nightly talk-back sessions hosted by Circles of Support and Accountability, a community organization that claims to have reduced incidents of re-offending by 80 percent. Go to for complete info.

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