Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 1: Sara Ciantar / Wicker Robot

Sara and a subset of WR played CHRISTMAS PRESENCE in December (and the Kitchen Aid benefit for Grandview Calvary Baptist prior).  Here's the latest...
The (probably) last James Lamb and the Liabilities/Wicker Robot show (in it's present incarnation) until 2010!!!!! (I play accordion in this group and BG's and there are some fantastic things happening with this group. catch us while you can)

At the Biltmore (12th and Kingsway downstairs from the hotel part), Thursday May 1.

When is always my weakest link here....I think it's 9. There's 3 acts so if you show up at 9ish you should be catching us shortly thereafter

We're playing with the Crackling and Dan Mangan. He's always selling out shows so if you're really interested you should actually try for 9 to make sure you're in.

and I believe it's a tener to get in (not bad for three fabulous bands and a fabulous nite of music and merrymaking)

hope to see ya guys soon...


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