Saturday, April 12, 2008

Apr 17 - May 17, Jun 7 - Jul 26: SAINT JOAN, Chemainus

Saint Joan
By Nobel Prize Winner George Bernard Shaw
April 17 to May 17, Reopens June 7 to July 26
Chemainus Theatre Festival
Directed by Sarah Rodgers

1429 France. Joan of Arc, a charismatic young peasant girl, leads the French to victory over the English, but two short years later she is burned at the stake. Why? Regarded as one of the most riveting and powerful texts in the English language, Shaw's monumental work re-examines Joan's dramatic rise and fall in light of the nationalism, political corruption, religious intolerance and hero worship that caused not only World War I, but that also challenges our world today.

"One thousand like me can stop them. Ten like me can stop them with God on our side."

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