Sunday, September 27, 2009

Arts Summer School 2010, Regent College

A sneak peek at Regent's tentative Summer School offerings in the arts. As always, a rich banquet!

Jeanne Murray Walker is a widely produced playwright as well as a celebrated poet, and Pacific Theatre has been involved with development workshops on a number of her plays. Bruce Marchfelder, a very fine film-maker (whose work has been singled out at the Cannes Festival!), is a brilliant and inspiring teacher, looking in detail at films in a way that opens the eyes and brings deep theological insight: I've wanted desperately to take one of his classes for years, and - so long as they're not on a night when I'm onstage in GODSPELL - I'm going to do everything I can to be in on this one. Begbie's theology of the arts - actually, theology through the arts - is absolutely inspiring, a thorough-going amalgam of sacramental and Reformed positions that is deeply satisfying. And Bruce Kuhn? A superb actor, who's worked at the renowned Actors Theatre of Louisville, and even on Broadway - Regent is blessed to have him!

I should also mention Loren and Mary-Ruth Wilkinson's "food course," which they host at their home on Galiano Island. I have friends who've taken the course in the past, and it is wonderful, even life changing. That course and the rest of Regent's summer school offerings are tentatively listed here.

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