Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oct 1-18: Kirsty Provan in LOT'S WIFE

A couple seasons back, Kirsty Provan was a Pacific Theatre apprentice - you saw her in Stones Throw productions of Tina Teeninga's original scripts, and she played Joseph in REMNANTS: A FABLE. As soon as she left us, Kirsty started her training at Vancouver's first-rate professional actor training program, Studio 58. (Alums include Erla Faye Forsyth, Anthony F. Ingram, Kyle Rideout, Evangela Dueck, Kyle Jesperson and many more familiar PT faces.) Well, she's in the performance years of the program now, and you can see her in this one - which is of Soul Food interest for more reasons than just the PT tie-in...

October 1 - 18, 2009

An epic journey
Written and Directed by James Fagan Tait with Itai Erdal

Set Design by Naomi Sider
Costume Design by Nancy Tait
Lighting Design by Itai Erdal

Photo Credit: Lindsey Angell as ‘Ashgirl’ and Luc Roderique as ‘Prince Amir’ in The Ash Girl.

What really happened in Sodom and Gomorrah? Long time collaborators, Itai Erdal and James Fagan Tait explore this question and the fascinating story of Abraham in their new play Lot’s Wife. Set at a time when the major religions of the world were not yet formed, Lot’s Wife is an opportunity to renew a connection to these biblical stories that are the backbone of modern civilization. Erdal and Tait bring an infectious enthusiasm and unique cultural mix to this work. Lot’s Wife is sure to be a fantastic journey that will throw a fresh light on history and contemporary society.

Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire, Peter Brooks' Mahabarata and the ritualized theatre of Ariane Mnouchkine are all inspirations for the staging of Lot's Wife. This compelling story unfolds in a world of great beauty and simplicity created by the accomplished design team of Naomi Sider, Nancy Tait and Itai Erdal.


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