Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reason To Subscribe #1: PRESENCE Next Weekend!

On the eve of the launch of the season that I personally consider our most exciting season ever - I know that sounds like hype, but look at the line-up and decide for yourself - we're working hard to make sure people don't miss a minute. So over the next ten days we'll be giving you... Ten Reasons To Subscribe To Pacific Theatre's 26th Season.

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Reason number one to subscribe - and to subscribe NOW! - is to experience our first "non-Christmas CHRISTMAS PRESENCE" in years.

No time to waste: three nights only, Thursday and Friday (Sep 24/25) at Pacific Theatre, Saturday (Sep 26) on the North Shore. These events are always amazing - and probably our best-kept secret. (So let's break it, shall we?) I'm not just selling here, these are often our hottest ticket, and many sell out - crazy, seat-of-the-pants mash-ups of music, scenes and monologues from plays, stories, poetry, humour, reminiscence, different every night. At Christmas, obviously, the gig is all about the season, but these non-seasonal ones are fantastic freewheeling opportunities for our astonishing line-up of musicians to cut loose, and for me to bring you some new spoken word treasures. The latest in a glorious series that includes PASSION, TESTIMONY and CONFESSION.

Normally we don't say in advance who's playing what night - mostly because things change at the last minute and we don't want anybody disappointed! But for PRESENCE we're making an exception - no idea why. Check out the list of who's performing when below to be sure you don't miss your favorite artists.

Carolyn Arends is a long-time Pacific Theatre favourite, with a huge and enthusiastic international following. What's new this fall is that Carolyn is fresh from the recording studio, laying down tracks for a new album! Rumour is that Thursday night she'll be performing several of those for the first time in public! And she'll be joined by mando man, fiddle fellow, guitar guy Spencer Capier (COTTON PATCH GOSPEL, DREAMS OF KINGS & CARPENTERS, etc.)

Pictured above with his band ("The Left" - part of The Peak's Performance Challenge), Kevin Gau is brand new to the Pacific Theatre stage! Our musical director and resident jazz pianist Nelson Boschman is pretty stoked: "Kevin is the front man for THE LEFT - a great new addition for the PT roster. I've known him since he was about 10...amazing talent, great voice, hard worker, sweetest guy on the planet. He knows Jer & Sher and a few other regulars. THE LEFT won the CFOX Seeds competition a few years ago and are now working on a pretty major studio project. Check out their stuff!"

Anna Vandas. Wow. Check out my enthusings from late August, when I first learned of some of the new artists who'd be joining us. Anna's magical video speaks for itself!

Also raved in that previous post is Peter La Grand, whose songs have been sung at PT shows before (though not by Peter - he's that highly-regarded a songwriter), and who shared the concert stage with Miriam Jones early this summer, but who makes his PT Season debut with PRESENCE. Fun moment in the office yesterday: I get an email from Peter and tell Andrea I'm forwarding it to her so she can get him some promo materials for the show, and one of our new apprentices goes "Peter La Grand? Peter La Grand? I listen to him all the time on web radio! He's got this amazing song about Judas they're always playing. That Peter La Grand? Whoa." So here's a link to some PLG internet radio...

I'm out of time, so it's up to you to click on the links below to find out more about Russ Rosen, Michael Hart, Jonathan Anderson (of Jonathan, Inc), Sheree Plett, Jeremy Eisenhauer (JESUS MY BOY), and our amazing house band...

Thu Sep 24
Anna Vandas
Carolyn Arends & Spencer Capier
Peter La Grand
Jonathan Anderson

Fri Sep 25
Sheree Plett
Jeremy Eisenhaur
Michael Hart
Anna Vandas
Peter La Grand

Sat Sep 26
(ON THE NORTH SHORE! Sutherland Church, 630 E 19 St, N Van))
Kevin Gau
Russ Rosen
Anna Vandas

The Band
Becca Robertson (bass)
Brett Ziegler (keyboard)
Rick Colhoun (drums)
Kenton Wiens (drums)
Nelson Boschman (piano)

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