Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oct 17: "So Far So Good" Michael Hart CD release concert

Michael Hart brought out a fantastic new tune last night at PRESENCE, and closed the night with a swampy treatment of his marvelous "Let Not This World" - with the Neil Young-inflected "Desire" in between, and a Beatles cover slipped in behind the Kevin Kelly reading: "Once there was a way to get back home..."

Michael Hart is celebrating 25 years in music with a special CD release concert...
Sat Oct 17, 8pm
St. James Hall | 3214 West10th Ave

Stellar band includes
Graham Boyle - drums
Miles Hill - bass
Spencer Capier-strings
Ken Cormier- piano

Tickets $15 | 2 tickets for $25 if you invite a non-church friend
To order: 604 767-5127 |

"It’s going to be a hoot!"

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