Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What They're Saying about WARDROBE

"It's truly astounding what can be done with two actors, minimal props and minimal costumes." -Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"I took two clients of mine who have special needs to THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE and we enjoyed the performance very much. It was what live theatre should be. WE LOVED IT!" -Alina Villa, email

"The actors are
engaging and talented, making the most of a spare environment to fill the tiny theatre with an epic storyline from a perspective that supports the source material but does not reinvent it. I thought it was lovely." -Rebeccah Mullen, Yoyo Mama

flight of imagination you are transported from great forests to Witch’s castles and from stone stables to battle fields; until finally the adventure is over and you are back in the spare room wondering whether you ever really left. And just like Peter and Lucy, you look at your watch. Did we really re-live all of that in such a short time? That’s the magic of Narnia…and the magic of the Pacific Theatre." -Olivia Bevan, Review Vancouver

"The show is
magicaland the script is clever." - Sarah Maitland, Geist

"Theatre doesn’t get much better than thiswith its perfect mix of story, technical expertise and actors who transport us easily to a different time and place. ... Whether you are, like me, a fan of the book from childhood, a parent who has recently told the story to your children at bedtime, or simply discovering it for the very first time,
you simply cannot miss the magic that is happening on stage here in what is a nearly perfect piece of theatre." -Mark Robins, Gay Vancouver

The world of Narnia comes to life thanks to the two actors and well-crafted lighting and sound design. ... Kudos go to Kyle Rideout for his impressive transformations, achieved in part by his subtle yet effective physical and vocal changes. At one point, Rideout goes back and forth between both Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, in distinctive voices and personalities, making for one of the most memorable parts of the show. ... In the end Pacific Theatre provides
a commendable night of theatre." -Mana Mansour, The Link

"The performance tonight reminded me of how
magical the story is, and how this time of year allows us to step down from our moral high ground for fantasy and magic. ... A night well spent." Leni T. Goggins, Geist

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