Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dec 12: Songs & Starlight, Fraserview Church

I decided to give myself over to Advent and the Christmas season this year. Now, I'm not quite ready for Christmas carols in the drug store just yet, but Greg Pennoyer's God With Us is preparing the way. The book - along with the daily readings from the Advent lectionary - have about a hundred and four hours to do their work, with my first Christmas readings this Saturday in a friend's home. Then another week before my buddy Garth Bowen and I stir up Christmas at our church, Fraserview MB. . . .

Garth writes:
"Ron Reed and I will host an evening of Christmas music and readings on Saturday December 12th at Fraserview Church 11295 Mellis Dr. in Richmond. The concert is free and open to all. At the concert we will pass the hat for Pacific Theatre as they have been suffering in this recession along with many others. There will be an intermission and goodies provided. I have a band in place so I'm thinking that my friends who live in the area may want to show up and help us warm up to the wonderful season ahead. Yes, my Christmas CD will be available but the main idea is to enjoy a little guitar filled Christmas jangles with some very entertaining reading. If you are in town and without a Christmas party to attend, come spend the evening with us."

Songs & Starlight
Saturday, December 12 |7:30
Fraserview Church | 11295 Mellis Drive, Richmond

Daryl Spencer | Roots | Naim Falls, Pemberton

Garth's wife Barb curates a gallery in the lobby of our church, the View Gallery. "Roots" is from the exhibition that just closed, an image that is utterly British Columbian at the same time as it evokes for me Lothlorien, Mirkwood, or Tom Bombadil's Old Forest. Carole and I bought the photograph on Sunday, which happened to be the first day of Advent, and as it hangs on our wall by the front door I begin to see it also as an image for this season. The time when we prepare the ground, the bleak midwinter when we tend the soil of our spirits. I usually think of this as a time to drive roots deep, but I'm drawn especially to this mountain tree that grows on rock, tenacious and graceful.

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