Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Presence | Audience Response

Hello Alison,

I must express a very warm and appreciative THANK YOU for Christmas Presence. We took some friends who had never been to PT before and we all had a rich and satisfying experience that exceeded our expectations.

This was our first time to Christmas Presence and had no idea what the evening was going to entail - we were expecting some sort of Christmas themed dramatic production. When we entered the theatre and found the stage area teeming with all those eclectic instruments my heart was suddenly peaked with anticipation. I had a sense that this was going to be a real treat. Still, I had no understanding of the exquisite, delectable richness of what we were about to experience. It was truly delicious and I savored every moment! I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributes to making this event the rare privilege that it is. We intend to experience every future Christmas Presence for as long as they are offered - this is now something that we just 'do' at Christmas.

I know I've gushed a bit here Alison, but I just wanted you to know what a great blessing Christmas Presence was to me, to my wife and our friends.

Thanks again,

Greg Hamm

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