Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 14: Christmas Presence credits

Michael Hart
Peter La Grand
Lance Odegard
Anna Vandas
Nelson Boschman | piano
Brett Ziegler | keyboards
Kathleen Nisbett | fiddle
Becca Robertson | bass
Kenton Wiens | drums
Rick Colhoun | percussion

Ron Reed
Kaitlin Williams
Peter Carlone
Mack Gordon

Set One
Michael | All Hail And Welcome
Ron | William Nicholson | Christmas Drinks Party
Ron | Dickens | A Christmas Carol
Ron | Frederick Buechner | Emmanuel
Peter | Hear Now You House Of David
Peter & Kaitlin | Xmas Files
Lance | Disturber
Ron | Rory Holland | Nativity
Laurell | You Came
Ron | Tim Anderson | Re: Loneliness Can Be Contagious
Lance | Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
Ron | Rory Holland | Frail Humanity
Anna Vandas | The First Noel
Peter | Santa's Little Helper | David Sedaris
Laurell | Jingle Bells

Set Two
Lance | Angels We Have Heard
Ron | Garrison Keillor, The Seven Principles of a Successful Christmas
Michael | Si Nous Marchon
Ron | Creche
Laurell | Wrapped Up In You
Mack, Kaitlin | Various Authors | Joseph & Mary
Peter | Mary's Song
Michael | Mary Did You Know
Rick, Michael, Nelson | Instrumental: Jesus Christ The Apple Tree
Ron | Annie Dillard, Feast Days
Ron | Shadowlands ending: "Think of the magic, Christopher..."
Ron | Reverie
Anna Vandas | On This Holy Night
Ron | W.H. Auden, For the Time Being
Peter | King Of Kings

Other of these readings may be posted in the days (and years) to come: check the Index of Christmas Readings over at the Oblations blog

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