Wednesday, December 01, 2010

how the audience saved PT | a christmas wish

Every year we do a Christmas fundraising campaign where we make the staff (especially Ron) dress up as silly as possible for a Christmas card.  This year we took a trip to Whoville...

Every Thespian in Skitville loved PT a lot,
But the costs were so high that perform, they could NOT!
There were costumes and lighting and props for their hands,
Not to mention the scenery, soundtrack and band!

They convened in a flurry, they started to scurry,
Together they sang out in near-frantic hurry:
“The crisis is urgent, the pressure is numbing!
We must find a way to keep those plays coming!”

They tried selling trumpets and wigglers and wuzzles,
For the children? small trinkets and pictures and puzzles.
But hard as they tried, the stage stayed bare and looked grim,
With only one light, far too small and too dim.

So the Thespians stood with bare feet on the stage,
Puzzling, “How can we get this darn play off the page?
They puzzled and puzzled, ‘til their puzzler was sore,
Then one thought of something they hadn’t before:

“What of the audience? They love what we do!
Maybe they’ll help with a dollar or two!”
What happened then? Well in Skitville they say
That everyone’s hearts grew three sizes that day!

All the givers who gave, they wound up receiving
Even more than they gave! Beyond all conceiving!
Christmas cheer! and great hearts! and fine theatre to boot!
The Thespians loved them! And all they lost was some loot.

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