Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dec 14 | christmas presence | set list

Nelson Boschman | O Tannenbaum (Vince Guaraldi)
Alison Chisholm, Andrea Loewen, Frank Nickel | Curtain Raiser
Michael Hart | All Hail & Welcome
Diane Tucker | Advent Couplets (Diane Tucker)
Ron Reed | Christmas Dream (Ron Reed)
Diane Tucker | Toward the Winter Solstice (Timothy Steele)
Lance Odegard | When The Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan)
Spencer Capier | Auld Lang Syne
Ron Reed | Christmas at the Turlingtons (Stuart McLean)
Nelson Boschman | Christmas Time Is Here (Vince Guaraldi)
Kathleen Nisbett | Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley)
Christine Magee | Precious Gift
Spencer Capier | We Three Kings
Ron Reed |
Rebecca De Boer | Mary Considers Her Situation (Luci Shaw)
Lance Odegard & Becca Birkner | Mary's Song (Peter La Grand)

Kathleen Nisbett | Breaking Up Christmas
Alison Chisholm, Andrea Loewen, Frank Nickel | Curtain Raiser 2
Michael Hart | Si Nous Marchons (Michael Hart
Lance Odegard | Alleluia, Christ is Born (Lance Odegard)
Diane Tucker | Christmas Couplets (Diane Tucker)
Ron Reed | Angels (Ron Reed)
Christine Magee | O Come Emmanuel / Crimson Robe
Spencer Capier
Evan Frayne, Rebecca De Boer, Ron Reed | A Taste Of Winter (Lucia Frangione)
Spencer Capier | Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Lance Odegard | Impossible Dream (Lance Odegard)
Ron Reed | A Child's Christmas in Texas (John Henry Faulk)
Michael Hart | Beautiful Star of Bethlehem (Emmylou Harris)
Ron Reed | Christmas Prayer (Robert Louis Stevenson)

also featured
Rick Colhoun, drums
Brett Ziegler, keyboard


Anonymous said...

Was a great set indeed. Any word on getting the lyrics to Lance's second song? (Was sitting to near Rick to hear all the words.)

Ron Reed said...

Your wish is my command, Anonymous.


Alleluia, Christ is Born

He came in the quiet
Underneath a falling dark
Hardly more than a whisper
A hushed and lowly start

Shepherds cold and waiting
Huddled around their fires
Then in the sky a bright breaking
The host of heav’n a choir

Alleluia, Christ is born, Christ is born
Alleluia, Christ is born, Christ is born

So step outside on your front lawn
There before the city wakes
Watch and wait in the morning
To hear the angels say

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thanks.