Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas on the air | responses

A few responses to Midnight Theatre Collectives production of CHRISTMAS ON THE AIR, playing now until January 1st at PT.

"Benjamin Elliott’s frantic sound effects performance during The Night Before Christmas is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Especially from 4 feet away. Hurry to see "Christmas on the Air" before it ends!" | Marianne Holmlund Mendgen, facebook

"Your production of Christmas on the Air was just what I needed. It was funny, touching, nostalgic and poignant. It made my heart sing...and my lips too, come to think of it." | Judy Schnarr, email

"Christmas on the Air' is amazing! So nostalgic, heart warming and filled with plenty of witty moments and Chrsitmas cheer, it is literally the perfect holiday show. I'd pick seeing this over White Christmas any day!
The cast is wonderful, the script fantastic, and I love that the cast interacted with the audience; a rare and incredibly welcomed (at least by me!) occurance. My mom and I couldn't help but feel like we weren't just watching some play, but that we were actually a part of this beautifully crafted world, and it took the announcement of the intermission to make us remember that we weren't actually a live studio audience for this 1950's radio show!
For anyone who's still on the fence, trying to decide whether to spend those hard-earned dollars or not, I can sincerly tell you that it is worth every penny and more!" | Brittany Chisholm, facebook

"I was dying to sing along with the carols and other traditional songs in Christmas on the Air but, by the time the cast members finally invited us to join in, I was so overcome by feeling that I could barely croak out the notes." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"The outstanding ensemble cast fashion Christmas on the Air into a satisfying mix of poignant humour, madcap physical comedy and great family-friendly fun." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Just got home from "Christmas on the Air" WOW! a must see. It blew me away. An amazing mix of comedy/swag/all heart and just plain real. If you like theater- AMAZING, or not, this one will make a theater lover out of you. Thank you Lal and Damon for the invite. I am glad I didn't miss this one!" | Michael Kennedy Moirera, facebook

"I must confess that I came to see Midnight Theatre Collective’s “Christmas on the Air” at the Pacific Theatre feeling much more like Scrooge than Santa Claus. Maybe it’s the endless rain we’ve been having– I just hadn’t been feeling the Christmas spirit. 'Bah humbug,' my skeptical little heart thought, 'another Christmas show with carols and laughs and tender moments and hard hearts in need of softening and everything turning out alright in the end.' And it was. And it did. And that is why I finished the evening with a smile on my face." | Nifty Not Cool

"It was fabulous! An experience not to be missed. Absolutely a wonderful way to get into the spirit of the season. Fantastic script, actors, voices – a stunning little production that surprises you with immense moments of laughter, joy, a tear or two…and a sense that our lives can be entwined with the deeper meaning of Christmas." | Kimberly, website comment

"Everyone should see this show. The acting, singing and dancing are great! Obviously the directing is first class, too. There is action, humour and pathos all rolled together for a very entertaining show. My 11 year old grandson loved it. My 84 year old husband loved it ( and actually stayed awake far past his bedtime). My grandson said he has never seen me laugh so hard before. Thank you all for such a wonderful addition to the Christmas season." | Vicki, website comment

"Christmas in the Air was so good I think it should be done every year --- if the Stanley can do it with White Christmas, why can't Pacific Theatre do it with Christmas in the Air. Marvellous production." | patron email

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