Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2010-2011 jessie nominations

The 2010-2011 Jessie Richardson Award Nominations have been announced and we are absolutely gobsmacked with the results! Not that we didn’t know we had an outstanding run this season, but check out these nominations:

Significant Artistic Achievement
Curation and Execution of an Outstanding Season of Theatre
This category includes one-time awards created to recognize work which falls outside the normal nomination categories, such as special ensemble creations, recognition of technical achievements, etc.

Actor in a Lead Role: Michael Kopsa and Tom Pickett
Lighting Design: Lauchlin Johnston
Set Design: Drew Facey
Direction: Anthony F. Ingram
Outstanding Production
Total nominations: 6

My Name is Asher Lev
Set Design: Lauchlin Johnston
Costume Design: Naomi Sider
Sound Design: Luke Ertman
Total nominations: 3

The Busy World is Hushed (one2theatre)
Actress in a Lead Role: Gina Chiarelli
Lighting Design: Michael Schaldemose
Set Design: Michael Schaldemose
Sound Design: David Mesiha
Direction: Richard Wolfe
Outstanding Production
Total nominations: 6

Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train (Glass City Theatre)
Actor in a Lead Role: Carl Kennedy and Robert Olguin
Lighting Design: Itai Erdal
Direction: Angela Konrad
Outstanding Production
Total nominations: 5


Let’s break this down a little more, because we are awfully excited about this. All-in-all, Pacific Theatre’s 2011-2012 season has received:

10 nominations for PT productions
11 nominations for our guest productions
4 out of the 5 nominations for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role
3 out of the 5 nominations for Outstanding Lighting Design, Set Design, and Direction
3 Outstanding Production nominations
1 very special nomination of Significant Artistic Achievement for the season as a whole
21 nominations total!


Click here for a history of all 116 Jessie nominations 
received by shows on the PT mainstage since we became eligible in 1994.


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Sean Devine said...

Unbelievable, and when you total up the nominations and awards in the last 3-4 years, it's a remarkable and singular achievement. "Peerless" is the word that comes to mind.

Rosie Perera said...

Awesome! Congratulations, Ron and all of the PT team. Looking forward to Great Divorce in about 18 hours.