Tuesday, May 31, 2011

july 9 | jp allen acting (or writing) workshop

JP Allen studied at CalArts with Ron, and they've been working together wherever possible since. In July apprentice Phil Miguel is directing THE CASINO and JP is coming up to direct Ron and Shay in THE DISAPPEARING. We'll also be screening JP's new film, CENTAUR, which premieres in Seattle this coming weekend. While he's here, JP has agreed to offer a workshop!

There are two options - if you're interested, please email Phil at philm33@gmail.com and let him know which one you're interested in. Only one workshop will be offered, if you're keen on both let him know.

Option One

Saturday, July 9, 10AM to 5PM
Fee - $150
This class is an intensive one day workshop on the craft of acting for the camera, with particular emphasis on the relationship between stage and film acting. Through class demonstration and exercises, students will be introduced to techniques of film acting and role analysis, as well as begin to learn relaxation and concentration methods required by the film performer. They will become familiar with film terminology and the manner in which camera shots and production affect the acting process. Students will also be introduced to some “behind the scenes” activities, including on set roles and procedures. Through these activities they will develop a broader understanding of film acting and develop a foundation from which to make confident and interesting acting choices.

Option Two

Saturday, July 9, 10AM to 5PM
Fee - $150
This class is an intensive one day workshop on fundamental concepts of storytelling and how to create dramatic ideas and content for both stage and screen. We will explore various storytelling components of character, plot, action, theme, metaphor, dramatic structure, spectacle, language, rhythm, and audience. Perhaps more importantly, we will examine how to discover and create ideas and how to translate them into personal dramatic works. Students will bring and explore multiple story samples, analyze which show promise and determine methods to shape these ideas into complete scripts.

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