Saturday, May 07, 2011

secret millionaires | dan + erin

Dan and Erin Amos moved to L.A. a few years ago to pursue the celluloid dream, but they'll always be part of Pacific Theatre. Remember Dan in THIS WONDERFUL LIFE, THE QUARREL? Erin in REMNANTS: A FABLE? Anyhow, on a visit with them last fall, I watched a cut of their web series Secret Millionaires, and I really got a kick out of it. Want to make their day? Check out the video, and if you like it as much as I do, give it some thumbs!

We have been named finalists for Audience Choice Award at the New Media Film Festival, a category which will be determined by online voting. So we need people to click their TWO THUMBS UP!

Here's the link.

Anyone can vote. Voting is limited to once per device, so people can vote once on their work computer, once on their home computer, on their laptop, iPad, even Smartphone!

Voting ends May 15th. Our lofty goal is 10,000 "thumbs", which is a far cry from our current 300 or so. We're counting on the power of internet virality (is that a word? It should be...) to multiply our cause exponentially. 


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MissesA said...

Ron, Thanks for sharing this! We so appreciate all the support. Lots of Love, E