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may 20-29 | macbeth nach shakespeare | anthony f. ingram

You last saw Anthony F. Ingram's work on our stage in PLAYLAND.  Of course, you didn't actually see him on stage, but his hand was at play as a director.  Coming up he will be back on the stage in Theatre Conspiracy and Pound of Flesh (we worked with them on THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT) in MACBETH: NACH SHAKESPEARE.

A darkly comic revision of Shakespeare’s classic

What happens when a radical East German dramatist deconstructs one of the world’s greatest plays? A killer rip-your-guts-out piece of theatre — along with some stage time for the blue-collar types that the Bard ignored.

Funnier, darker and bloodier than the original, Heiner Müller’s adaptation fuses contemporary politics and layers of class conflict with the age-old story of state terror and avarice. Riddled with dark humour and an ecstasy of horrors of modern proportions, this twisted tragicomedy drives home the idea that "murder is cheap".

Co-producers Theatre Conspiracy and GasHeart Theatre have achieved a major coup in bringing the World English Premiere of ground-breaking German dramatist Heiner Müller’s brilliant work Macbeth: After Shakespeare to Vancouver. Often acclaimed as Bertolt Brecht’s successor, Heiner Müller is regarded as one of the most important European dramatists of the 20th century, having had a profound impact on German theatre, and theatre worldwide. Müller is known for his Shakespeare adaptations, including Anatomy of Titus,Fall of Rome (Titus Andronicus, 1985), and Hamletmachine (1977).

Featuring Michael Scholar, Jr. and Jennifer Mawhinney. With Sarah Afful, David Bloom, Josh Drebit, Courtney Lancaster, Kevin Kraussler, Anthony F. Ingram and Evelyn Chew. Flick Harrison (media/video),Jergus Oprsal (lighting and set design), Emma Hendrix (sound design) and Shawna Picken (costumes).

May 20-29
Performance Works
Tickets $15-20 through Tickets Tonight

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