Sunday, September 16, 2012

sep 30 | martyn joseph | black hen at electric owl

One of the great concert experiences of my life was Martyn Joseph at Cap College, maybe five years ago, maybe a bit more? An extraordinary presence onstage, his voice an instrument that makes you wonder what those legendary choirs of Welsh coal miners must have sounded like a hundred years ago. Astonishing to see how beloved this man is in the hard-core far-lefty folk music scene, and how outspoken about his (admittedly hard-core far-lefty) Christian faith. Add to that the fact that Steve Dawson (who you may have heard on the PT stage once or twice) is one of the best players and band-leaders you'll ever hear, and that his band (much overlap with the players on the phenomenal Mississippi Sheiks project) is glorious fun to watch and listen to, AND that the Electric Owl is one of the best places for intimate live music in the city...  This just shouldn't be missed.

A monthly acoustic concert series in Vancouver, BC. Steve Dawson and the Black Hen House Band collaborate with a different artist each month to bring you a unique, acoustic-based concert! September's concert features Martyn Joseph, with Steve Dawson, Daniel Lapp, Keith Lowe, and Jesse Cahill in the band. Wow.

tickets are going fast

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