Saturday, September 22, 2012

sep 6-30 | heroes | john innes

John Innes is a Stratford actor who has been back on the West Coast for some years now. As well as having acted in Lonely Planet on the Pacific Theatre stage, and having directed The Lonely Birch for the company back in 1987 - hmm, I see a certain theme emerging - John was one of only two professional actors I could find to offer a young Christian vocational advice in the days when I was considering a theatrical career in the early eighties. Eager to see him onstage again! And of course William Samples played The Common Man in A Man For All Seasons on our stage a few seasons ago. Well worth checking out.

UPDATE: Rave Reviews!

"...there is nothing like being entertained by masters of their craft." -Review Vancouver

"...a perfect vehicle for three veteran Vancouver actors... Innes, Samples and Dobbin are on top of their game." -Plank Magazine

"Michael Dobbin is affable as Henri, the sanest of the bunch. William Samples expertly taps into Philippe's clownlike innocence. And Innes' characterization of Gustave is marked by a compellingly quiet depth." =The Georgia Straight

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