Monday, September 17, 2012

we make stuff

There's a new book in town!  It's called We Make Stuff and it features 100 Vancouver artists of faith, including our own Ron Reed and Kaitlin Williams, plus PT friends Nelson Boschman, Lance Odegard, Anna Vandas, Mack Gordon and more...  This is a made-to-order, crowd-sourced type deal, so if you want one, go to their Indiegogo page and send in your order!  Their info below.

WeMakeStuff Volume 01 is a book showcasing 100 artists and innovators from Vancouver as they navigate the collision of creativity and faith. Crowd-fund your copy from Sept 15-Oct 15 at

This book is a joint effort, created and financed by the artists featured in the book along with their support networks and people like you. Through this far-reaching community we will share our unique and collaborative efforts with like-minded people throughout British Columbia, across the country, and beyond on an annual basis. This is year one; volume one... we look forward to building an anthology of truly inspired creative work.

Crowd-funding through Indiegogo opens September 15 and runs for one month, until October 15. This initiative is all about pre-ordering the book so that the book can actually go to print. In this way, as I order my copy of WeMakeStuff Volume 01, I am not only ensuring that I get a copy of the book, but I am enabling the book to exist, becoming a part of the team who is making stuff happen. WeMakeStuff is all about creatives coming together and supporting each other. It is an initiative to bridge the gap that too often exists between the church and the creativity we have all been invested with. If there was one thing I would say to someone who didn’t feel like WeMakeStuff was about them or for them, it would be this: we are the same, created in His image with the ability to create. Create alongside me or support me as I do, and let’s spread the kingdom with the gifts and inspirations we’ve been given.

All 100 artists/creatives featured in the book will be pre-ordering their books, as will many of the development team. We hope you will join us and make it happen. Any questions, please message us on our Facebook page, or email

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