Wednesday, November 28, 2012

dec 12-22 | hotel bethlehem | ruby slippers

PT's wonderful friends and sponsors John Fluevog Shoes are great patrons of the arts - including support of Ruby Slippers Theatre, who have a Christmas offering that looks like a lot of fun. And keep your ears open: the two companies have been scheming a co-production of another show for a couple seasons now. But meanwhile....

Ruby Slippers Theatre
Hotel Bethlehem
by Drew McCreadie

Back by popular demand! Hotel Bethlehem dares to deconstruct the Nativity Story through satire and insightful humanity. It's back this Christmas! It is probably the one and only existential Christmas comedy that will have you belly-laughing for two hours. Directed by Diane Brown.

Have you ever wondered why The Inn was full? Who was the cad that would turn away a VERY pregnant woman? What kind of characters and shenanigans were they up to that this could happen? Surprisingly, no one has asked these questions until now. Hotel Bethlehem offers a fresh and hilarious take on this traditional tale, one that features shepherds contemplating sheep lotteries, Three Kings evading taxation, virgins, ridiculous Roman soldiers and a blind census-taker. Oh yea, and a couple of births.

Farce meets satire meets holiday fare in this entertaining and fun Christmas comedy starring eleven of Vancouver's finest performers: Stephen Beaver, Scott Bellis, Tim Carlson, Alex Diakun, Dustin Freeland, Jennifer Mawhinney, Sean McQuillan, John Murphy, Byron Noble, Kris Novak and Alvin Sanders.

"Joseph and his wife Mary arrive at an inn, where a couple of old Jewish shepherds are trying to deliver a lamb in the stable using a silent water birth. After that, things get wacky. John Murphy plays the innkeeper like a prototypical Basil Fawlty." Colin Thomas

December 12–15: Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby
December 18–22: Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver
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