Tuesday, November 13, 2012

nov 20 | show and tell | andrea loewen

Another staff-side-project! Andrea's theatre company Xua Xua Productions is launching a new event: SHOW & TELL. It's just what it sounds like: a return to elementary school where you bring an object you care about and tell its story.

Remember back when fruit rollups were currency, jump rope was the cardio of choice, and nap time was not only allowed but encouraged? When, once a year, you got to show off your new My Little Pony, the dinosaur fossil your aunt gave you or your front tooth that got knocked out in gym class? Remember how awesome / nerve racking / invigorating it felt to stand up in front of your class and share something that truly mattered to you and see your friends do the same?

Join us for a night of sharing and learning about the little things that matter to you, your friends, your neighbours and that random guy you sometimes see on the bus.

Tuesday, November 20th at 8pm
Cocoanymph – 4 W 7th (at Ontario)

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