Friday, November 16, 2012

nov 15-dec 1 | race | craig erickson

RACE, featuring PT actor Craig Erickson (he'll be back on our stage in the new year for Lucia Frangione's LEAVE OF ABSENCE), opened this week.  Below is a note about the show, straight from Craig himself.

Some promo for a show I'm in: David Mamet's RACE.
It is directed by David Mackay, and features Aaron Craven, Marsha Regis and Kwesi Ameyaw

This is a provocative, well-written, in-your-face, coarse, hilarious 80 minute blast of truth-telling (or not). It may not be your cup of tea.

This is a play for people:

who are interested in justice, and our judicial system.
who are fascinated by race relations in North America
who are interested in the ways we humans categorize others
who are sick of friends or family in their lives who don't say how they actually feel.

who don't like plays.

Runs until DEC. 1st - Tues - Saturday 8pm

STUDIO 16 - 1555 WEST 7th ( just west of Granville on 7th)

Get tickets at:

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