Thursday, February 07, 2013

feb 9 | art fight | John Voth

Here's a fun show PT teddy bear John Voth is involved in this Saturday night called "Art Fight".  He would love to see you there...

 Here is how it works:
 One stage.
 One hour.
 1 musician
 1 painter
 1 writer
 3 actors (because they equal one artist)
 One Winner!

- Artists will be given an idea/theme/subject at the beginning of the evening.
- They will have 1 hour to complete a piece of art in their genre that best executes the given suggestions.
- The artists must create the piece onstage in front of the audience, and in front of each other.
- At the end of the hour, they must present what they have. With the help of the artistic advisory panel, the audience will vote which piece wins.
- There will be a few surprises or unexpected twists throughout the evening.
- The WINNER will get $50.00 and a bottle of maple syrup!! (And bragging rights)

 HOSTED by Kayvon Kelly and Ryan Beil
Artistic Advisory Panel: TBA

The Musician - Anton Lipovetsky
The Painter - Michael Bock
The Writer - RC Weslowski
The Actors - Emmelia Gordon, John Voth, Kayla Doerkson

 Tickets: $5
 Bar: $4 beer and wine

 Organized and conceived by: Pippa Mackie and Kayvon Kelly

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