Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mother teresa is dead | bruce horak

We had the pleasure of commissioning some paintings for MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD from talented local artist and actor Bruce Horak!  We will be showing some of his art in the lobby throughout the run, and of course you'll see how his paintings fit into the show when you see it.

Bruce Horak is an award-winning performer/creator whose work in Theatre and Visual Art has taken him across Canada. Having lost over 90% of his eyesight to Cancer as a child, Bruce has endeavored to share his unique vision through a series of Portraits entitled, “The Way I See It” which were recently exhibited at the Kelowna Art Gallery as part of an exhibition of art by Blind and Vision Impaired Artists from around the world.

His one-man show, This is CANCER will be presented at the Surrey Arts Centre March 15th and 16th, and at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre March 19th.

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