Wednesday, November 06, 2013

communion | responses

"Leda in one of her rants says the phrase “appointments made long ago”. We know that we have that final appointment – death – that none of us can ignore. However, in between, are many little appointments – running into a friend you haven’t seen in years, or talking with a stranger on the path. How can you bless others in your encounters (appointments) with them?" | Kim Alexis, audience response

"This play is one of the very best I have seen in a very long time. The acting, the story line, and the ambiance of the theatre all made for a great show. I highly recommend it as a must see play." | Sean Sheriland, audience response

"A compelling and moving production – inspired acting, provocative themes and points of view, excellent character development and questions that tease the mind for days afterward. Theatre doesn’t get any better than this!" | Colleen Cruikshank, audience responses

"Thanks to director Roy Surette and the cast and crew of Communion for creating such an engaging and stimulating night at the theatre. There’s a familiarity to the characters, relationships, conversations, and themes of Communion which is easy to relate to and where the viewer can hear her own voice or see someone she knows. If you are looking for theatre that both entertains and challenges, be sure to visit Pacific Theatre for Communion." | Carol Heynan, The MB Herald

"The intimate playing space of the small Pacific Theatre is the perfect setting for Daniel MacIvor’s sensitive and thoughtful play, as the seating is so close that one feels as one is almost on the stage, sharing in the emotional experience. MacIvor has crafted three powerful female protagonists and all three actors gave stellar performances." | Review from the House

"Communion is funny, sad, complicated, and quietly beautiful. Daniel MacIvor’s script is a spare, emotionally rich, and mordantly funny exploration of belief and connection." | Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

"Canadian playwright Daniel MacIvor gets under the skin of his characters Leda, Annie and Carolyn with such intensity that Communion brought me close to tears. … Under Roy Surette’s intelligent and sensitive direction, these are three superb performances. … Presented by Pacific Theatre, this Ruby Slippers Theatre production is courageous in its exploration of what it means to live – and die – consciously." Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier/

"What dynamic actresses they are and how wonderful for them that Mr. MacIvor has written not only such rich and raw dialogue but each character has an involving and satisfying arc. Diane Brown as Leda finds the pain and sadness and deftly covers it with a caustic tongue. She is so beaten and sick in her first scene it is a shock when the character suddenly stands revealing Ms. Brown’s statuesque proportions. Kerry Sandomirsky brings a warm professionalism to her therapist but you can see the conflicts just under the surface revealing she might not be the best at her job. Marci Nestman as the many layered Annie mines them all: convicted criminal, former drug addict, religious zealot and it is to her credit that you can see all of them swirling around in her in an intoxicating blend. How wonderful it is to have Roy Surette back in Vancouver to direct this Ruby Slippers / Pacific Theatre co-production; he has helped craft a painfully heartfelt, rivetingly funny and emotionally raw show that gets under your skin. Open the door, it’s pretty stunning. " | David C. Jones, The Charlebois Post

"We would both recommend Communion for its fine acting and humourous moments (a well-received Ledaism: “Are you wearing a sarcasm filter today?”)." | Ariane Colenbrander, Vancouverscape

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