Thursday, November 21, 2013

top ten thousand | supreme dream

The Top Ten Thousand Of All Time
includes a piece by Canadian playwright Frank Moher called "The First White Supreme" - which is, essentially, the opening of the first draft of the play that became Supreme Dream. It's the story of Rhonda Trodd, who grew up in Calgary in the sixties (as did Frank and I) dreaming of one day being a Supreme (as didn't Frank, or I).  Here's a link to more about that show.

That Calgary connection with Mr Moher doesn't stop there. I vividly remember a high school drama festival at Lord Beaverbrook, a heady experience meeting theatre students from all over the city. Most impressive of all to me was that one of the plays, "Damn You Shakespeare," was actually written by a high school student.  It awed me that somebody my age could actually write a play: in fact, it awed me to realize that anybody could write a play. That human beings actually made up these things that we acted in.  The earliest seed of my own life as a playwright.  (You've got a lot to answer for, Frank).

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