Tuesday, November 26, 2013

christmas campaign | happy holidays postcard

Our Christmas fundraising campaign is getting started!  This year we decided to bring all the holidays into the mix because, well, don't you think they get lonely around this time of year?

We’ve all heard the saying, each year in December,
“Happy Holidays” is warbled from early November.
But most of the Holidays are anything but happy--
In fact they feel lonely and left out and crappy.
It’s all about Christmas - the Eve and the Day -
With all of the others swept out of the way!

But we at PT have compassion on all
those neglected Occasions not asked to the Ball--
Thanksgiving and Easter, New Year’s and Labour
Saints Patrick and Valentine - each is our neighbour!
We’ll throw them a party! Send out invitations
To the birth days of two North American nations!

Now, parties ain’t cheap - and that’s why we need you
To finance a blowout they all can come to!
A cool fifty grand more than adequately pays
For their shindig - with leftovers funding some plays!
Make the holidays happy! Not just Christmas, but all!
Here’s to year-round festivities - spring, summer and fall!''

Visit our donation page online here.
Call 604.731.5483 (ask for Alison!)
Mail 1440 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6H 1M8

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