Wednesday, December 18, 2013

christmas presence | responses

"The unpolished nature of Christmas Presence is arguably its greatest strength. Each performer takes his or her turn around a large carpet, respectfully watching – or perhaps strumming or providing backup vocals – while their cast-mates perform. The intimate nature of the show and surrounding audience makes it feel as if you are a guest in one’s living room, enjoying a casual holiday evening with new friends." | Melissa Cornwell, Vancouver Vantage

"By my count, Pacific Theatre produces some of the most provoking, intriguing theatre in the city. This festive show is a reminder of what the company does so well: make you more kindhearted, more contemplative. It’s a fine way to spend this stretch to Christmas." | Zoe Grams, Vancouverscape

"All in all this was a night of discovery, reflection and cozy Christmas fun. A great way to get your Christmas spirit going and feel Christmas Presence." | Alyssa Kostello, GVPTA Blogger

"Bring a community, feel the community spirit. The Christmas Presence, if you will." | Andrew Wade, GVPTA Blogger

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