Friday, December 20, 2013

dec 20 | christmas presence | set list


Christmas Time Is Here | Nelson Boschman, James Danderfer, Kenton Wiens, Becca Birkner
Charlie & Linus | Charles Schultz
Finding Christmas | Zaac Pick
The Xmas Files | Frank Cammuso & Hart Seely
Jingle Bells | Laurell

ron talk

Cave | Jeremy Eisenhauer
Tube Sox 1 | Sufjan Stevens
Maybe This Christmas | Zaac Pick
Tube Sox 2 | Sufjan Stevens

Better Watch Out | Robert Farrar Capon
Mary's Song | Crystal Arnold & Peter La Grand
Dreams: Birth | Ron Reed 
Cloak Room | Jeremy Eisenhauer & Sheree Plett

Wrapped Up In You | Laurell


Three Ships | Nelson, James & Co
Christmas At Sea | Charles Dickens
Lighthouse | Laurell

A Child's Christmas In Texas | John Henry Faulk
Light At The Stable | Sheree Plett
Shem: A Carpenter | David Kossoff
King Of Kings | Peter La Grand
Joy To The World | Nelson, James & Co

There Is No Santa Claus, Mommy, You Big Fat Liar! | Lucia Frangione
Lights Used To Shine | Sheree Plett

Rudi Krause | One Way
Oh What A Night | Zaac Pick
Luke 2:8-14
Angels We Have Heard | Peter La Grand
Christmas Prayer | Robert Louis Stevenson

Rebecca deBoer joined Ron Reed for "The Xmas Files" 
the texts of several of these readings can be found here 

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