Wednesday, December 11, 2013

dec 11 | christmas presence | set list

Paul Woodyard
Andy Frew
Mark Woodyard
Zoe Thiessen
Jonathan Perkins | bass
Brett Ziegler | piano
Rick Colhoun | drums


I'll Be Home For Christmas | Paul Woodyard
Pretty Well Picked Over | Mike Royko
Let's Make A Baby King | Kelita

Annunciation | Frederick Buechner
The King (Oh My Love) | Andy Frew

Herod | W.H. Auden
O Come O Come Emmanuel | Mark Woodyard
Man Of Duty | Tim Anderson
No Safe Place | Sheila Rosen
Heavenly Night | Kelita

Seven Principles of a Successful Christmas | Garrison Keillor
Love Has Come | Andy Frew

Child's Christmas In Texas | John Henry Faulk
Come On O'er To Bethlehem | Zoe Thiessen


Carol of the Bells | Mark Woodyard
Driving To Midnight Mass in Dublin on Christmas Eve | John F. Deane

Of the Father's Love Begotten | Zoe Thiessen

No Room | Dina Donohue
Journey of the Magi | T.S. Eliot
The Magi's Page | Zoe Thiessen

A Child's Christmas In Wales | Dylan Thomas
Silent Night | Kelita
Christmas Prayer | Robert Louis Stevenson

texts of specific readings may be available through this link

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